~$ wget -v http://ovhserverbasement.co.za/downloads/v2.0.2/sb.ovh;
 ~$ sudo ./sb.ovh;
OVH Server Basement / Linux / Ubuntu (Version 2.5) ( Coming Soon.. )
  1. MySQL Database Setup
  2. Runnung "./sb.ovh" Binary with C++ main method "args[]" arguments
    Can be run by just feeding comand arguments without any need to be human driven.
    APPLICATION: One can set a cronjob to automatically run the "sb.ovh" file with comand arguments
  3. sendDomainRegistrationEmailToSP
    args[] = (const char* domain, int sendDomainRegistrationEmailToSP) - This will automatically send a request to register a new domain to service provider at the data centre.
    WHERE: domain is the actual domain to be registered and sendDomainRegistrationEmailToSP = 1 for YES Send and 0 for NO Send

NB: Version 2.5 is still yet to be released..

 OVH Server Basement / Linux / Ubuntu (Version 2.0.2) ( Download 2.0.2 )
  1. BUG FIX (1):
    VERSION 2.0's Web-Server Virtual Hosts was appending IP addresss with trailing "IP=" characters and this would cause problems during Apache restart, This is now FIXED.
    IP Address inside Init() of Basement.cpp class was attempting to fetch the value from configuration file "/etc/ovh/sb/confg/ovh.sb.confg" using getNode() instead of getVal() function. ipAddress = Confg_->getVal("IP");
  2. AMENDMENTS (1) - Web-Server Restarting:
    System command "sudo service apache2 restart" is now run at the end of Option '1 : Run Setup - Wizard (Recommended)'
 OVH Server Basement / Linux / Ubuntu (Version 2.0) ( Download 2.0 )
  1. Main Menu:

    Following is a brief description of the menu above:
    1. Run Setup (Wizard) - This option ask you to press or every time it traverses through diferent sectionts of the setup
    2. Run Setup (Advanced) - This automatically setup everything based on the configuration file "/etc/ovh/sb/confg/ovh.sb.confg"
    3. Configuration Settings) - This simply edits the configuration file "/etc/ovh/sb/confg/ovh.sb.confg"

The REST of the menu are detailed under » Documentation

OVH Server Basement / Linux / Ubuntu (Version 1.0) ( Download 1.0 )
  1. Pre-setup Virtual Host File: Double check since this is preset during installation